Nomad 4 User Guide


This user guide is specific to NOMAD 4.

NOMAD 3 is still available. It will be replaced by NOMAD 4 in the future.

Get NOMAD 3 and 4 at

NOMAD is a blackbox optimization software. A general presentation of NOMAD is given in Introduction.

New users of NOMAD should refer to


Please cite NOMAD 4 with reference:


C. Audet, S. Le Digabel, V. Rochon Montplaisir, and C. Tribes. NOMAD version 4: Nonlinear optimization with the MADS algorithm. Submitted.

A complete introduction to derivative-free and blackbox optimization can be found in the textbook:


C. Audet and W. Hare. Derivative-Free and Blackbox Optimization. Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. Springer International Publishing, Berlin, 2017.

Installation and tests:

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